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What could cork flooring do for your home?

If you are generally unfamiliar with cork flooring, you are not unlike many homeowners who have never considered this unique floor covering. However, with many benefits you can take advantage of right away, it is a product that is well worth your consideration. Here are some facts that might help you decide whether this floor covering is a good choice for your household.

Cork floors offer more than you think

Cork is an excellent, all-natural material that offers a wealth of benefits, including natural mold, mildew, bacteria resistance, fire resistance, noise suppression, and fantastic comfort. They also provide elasticity that allows it to bounce back from indentations are compression, retaining the original shape and service, even after long periods. You will also enjoy crack resistance, and complete imperviousness to water, for a lifespan that could surpass 40 years or more when properly maintained.

If a unique appearance is essential to you, you will find that no two pieces of cork look precisely alike. They each feature grain patterns and natural designs that give it a great appearance no matter you install it. This material also offers various finishes, including wood-look products that work to match a wide décor variety.

Not only do these floors look like natural wood when adequately finished, but you can also refinish them in much the same way. As long as the floors are solid cork and have a thickness of more than 4 millimeters, they can be refinished, including the sanding process. That means repairs are easy, too, which means damage does not equate to flooring replacement.

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